Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: They played my game!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles colour print by Michael Walsh

Hey everyone! Someone played my game! And they recorded themselves doing it! And they had fun!

Remember when I wrote a one-shot Fate adventure featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well Allen Holloway, who has a YouTube channel called Check For Traps, has organised and run a live-streamed version of that adventure with four other roleplaying YouTubers. I am unreasonably happy that this has happened. I didn’t know any of these people, but somehow they found my stuff and liked it enough to run a game with it! And they had fun!

I found out about this game after talking to one of the players about his TMNT Fate game on Google Plus, but I had no idea it was based on my work until I actually watched the video. In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard for sure that anyone has actually run anything that I made. To get to watch it on top of that is a treat!

Pizza Party!

The adventure that Allen ran closely follows the one from my blog post, with a couple of alterations. Most of the alterations I love, but some I’m not so keen on.

For example, I’m disappointed that the group didn’t use the Fate variant from The Three Rocketeers (as I recommended in my first blog post on the topic), but Fate Accelerated Edition is absolutely the next best option. And since the players all generated their characters individually before the game, I can appreciate the desire to run with a more familiar system.

I really liked the addition of the teaser-style fight at the start of the session, before the inciting incident. The new opening scene features the turtles in the middle of a rooftop patrol in nighttime New York City, saving a helpless couple from some Purple Dragon thugs. It’s short and perfectly apt for a TMNT establishing scene, so I dig it. Pacing wise, it also shifts the lair scene back, giving the characters’ personalities more opportunity to bloom and making the introduction of Splinter a bit more natural. Essentially it makes the session feel more like an episode of the TV show, whereas my version was inspired more by the old TMNT arcade games.

As a trade-off, however, the fight against Bebop and Rocksteady was removed. In retrospect, that fight is more like a random encounter than a scene to propel the story forwards. As much as I would have liked to see the two mutant knuckleheads, excluding them better maintains the momentum of the session.

Another nice touch was referring to Fate points as “pizza points”. Very TMNT, and very appropriate given that they played the game on National Pizza Party Day! (Yes, that’s a real thing, apparently.)

But the absolute best thing about the game was the amount of enthusiasm on display, and the way that all four players were perfectly suited to the roles they were playing. I infer from the video that Allen recruited the players with specific turtles in mind for each of them, and if that’s the case then he picked them expertly. There was fantastic chemistry between the brothers: clear affection, low-key bickering, references to a shared history that never happened, and well-practiced teamwork actions (which I love).

So a shout out to Chad Knick (Leonardo), Sam Dimercurio (Michelangelo), Jeff Doty (Donatello), and Jeremy Lilley (Raphael) for being some pretty rad turtles.

And a shout out to Allen Holloway for running the whole thing, doing such justice to my game, and keeping the tone just right for the heroes in a half shell. Turtle power!

Header image is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Colour Print by Michael Walsh, via tumblr

4 thoughts on “Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: They played my game!

  1. Sam May 23, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    This was so fun to play and I am glad that your adventure inspired Allen to run it. We actually picked which turtles we wanted to play but as you can tell they fit our personalities well I think. I do hope we will have another opportunity to play these characters in the future.


  2. jaysonsmithrn May 23, 2017 / 11:47 pm

    I love that your blog is getting a good amount of attention. I love TMNT. I got into RPG because of Palladium Books’ TMNT line. Yet, Fate does so much justice to this line. I believe it would make Peter Laird proud. I wonder what Kevin Eastman would think about TMNT and Fate?

    Great work!


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