My first RPG competition!: Put Away Childish Things

Hey everyone! I entered the 200 Word RPG Challenge 2018, which is for designers to submit games of no more than 200 words (hence the name). It’s the first RPG game design competition I ever entered, but I’ve had fun with it and will probably do it again!

I’m also pretty happy with my entry, which is called Put Away Childish Things, and which you can all check out on the Challenge website here: Put Away Childish Things!

Finalists are announced on 14 June, and winners on 1 July. I don’t expect to place, but I’m obviously hopeful, for myself and all my friends who submitted games as well.

One of the reasons this was so fun, and also so rewarding, was because a small group of my friends made it an event. We wrote games, shared them with each other, provided feedback and encouragement, etc. So if you have time, maybe you’d like to check out their games too:

  • Alberto Muti (who prompted us all to take part) wrote Keep It Casual
  • Michael Duxbury wrote Rhea (and, being Michael, also a second game available on his blog)
  • Emily Savidge wrote Day at the Planet (an excellent idea she’s had for ages, so it’s great that it’s out there now!)
  • Talisa Tavella wrote House Hunt-ed-ing (which I love for the authorial voice as much as the gameplay)

If you read Put Away Childish Things or any of these others, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! And if you play any of them, then come on you have to let me know! If you submitted a game too, send me a link to it and I’ll check it out. I’ve found a lot of cool ideas just by reading other submissions at random, and I look forward to reading the finalists and winners, which I’m sure will be awesome. Exciting!