A random generator to make D&D pantheons more believable

Greek gods as depicted in the video game Hades, with appropriate D&D 5e domains (Order & Tempest for Zeus; Tempest for Poseidon; Knowledge, War and Order for Athena; Nature, Twilight and Life for Artemis; War and Death for Ares; Trickery for Hermes).

A very short update today as I share a new tool I’ve put together to help worldbuilders create an interesting pantheon of deities for a roleplaying campaign. The tool is mainly designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, but could be useful for players of other games.


Here’s how it works: you say how many divine figures you want in your pantheon, and you say which divine domains you want to exist in your world, then the tool will randomly distribute the domains between those divine figures. Some deities will have multiple domains, some domains can be covered by multiple deities, and there may even be some divine figures who aren’t full deities (as they have no domains at all). The combinations will hopefully spark some inspiration, and avoid the tired (and inorganic) trope of having exactly one deity for exactly one domain.

The tool is currently available on Google Sheets (although ultimately it might work better as a web app or something). Try it out at the link above, and leave a comment about any gods or goddesses or other deities that you come up with after using it. Also let me know if you have feedback or suggestions.

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