Kobolds are a bit like Geese: A eulogy for Google+

In the last hour as I write this, Google+ finally shut down. It sucks, because Google+ was the best place I found online for roleplaying community discussions, and it suited me and my needs perfectly. Since the announcement that it was going, I’ve branched out to a few other social media sites. I’m now on Twitter (@Supermorff, follow me if you like) and reddit (u/stepintorpgs) and Discord (it confuses me so much) and a bunch of different forums. They’re fine but none are filling the hole just yet. Early days. (I understand some people have gone to places like MeWe, but I kinda don’t want to go somewhere that recruited social media-displaced roleplaying nerds with the same tactics they used to recruit social media-displaced white supremacists.)

Anyway, as a farewell, here’s a little thing that I posted on Google+ last year that I like enough to save. Enjoy.

Mar 10, 2018

“Kobolds are a bit like geese, aren’t they?” suggested one of my friends today. They’re both aggressively cocksure when they think they’re safe, and cringing cowards as soon as they are challenged. Other friends recalled times that a gang of geese had followed someone, honking loudly as if to say “Yeah you better run!” until that person turned around, at which point they fell over themselves to flee.

I brought up No Country For Old Kobolds, and wondered how it would look with geese instead, and basically we all agreed that we’d all like to see geese represented in more roleplaying games. Games like:

  • Geese Ate My Baby
  • Secrets of Geese
  • Goose Guard (or, for full spoonerism, perhaps Goose Mard)
  • Geesefinder
  • Geese in the Vineyard
  • Goose Eat Goose
  • Legends of the Five Geese (geese with samurai swords, with all the clans based on types of geese)
  • The One Goose
  • Geese & Dragons, of course (which would involve mostly geese, as well as a small number of dragons who merely believe they are geese, and when threatened would scurry away to hide behind a tree)
  • Ka-geese-matsu (in which either a lone goose comes to a town full of women, claiming to be able to deal with the threat but maybe hoping nothing calls its bluff… or a lone dragon comes to a town full of geese, who are all too full of themselves to ask for the dragon’s help, but maybe they could convince it to stay for other reasons?)

So that’s how my day went. How’s yours?

Also, as a bonus, Simon Fernandez suggested the following additions to the list:

  • Lady Goose Bird
  • Monsters and Other Childish Geese
  • G.E.E.S.E.
  • Goose Flesh Must Be Eaten
  • Vampire: Geese Masquerade
  • Call of Goosethulhu



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