RPGaDay 2018, Week Five: SHARE…

RPGaDay 2018 infographic

RPGaDay is an annual celebration of tabletop roleplaying.

Week Five: SHARE…

  1. … a great stream/actual play.
  2. … whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for.
  3. … a friendship you have because of RPGs.
  4. … something you learned about playing your character.
  5. … why you take part in RPGaDay.

27th: Share a great stream/actual play.

It’s an easy but not particularly insightful answer today: the only RPG stream/actual play that I watch is Critical Role. A friend of mine was a big fan of the first campaign, but there was just so much to catch up on by the time I heard of it (and I wasn’t particularly interested with the first handful of episodes I watched), that I never got into it. When campaign 2 started, I gave it another try and have kept up to date since (usually one week behind). My only real problem with it is how long every episode is. The only way I can keep up is by playing it back at high speed on YouTube.

I also watched the first season of HarmonQuest, which I enjoyed watching but is not what I think a good roleplaying game campaign should look like. I did think representing the game world in animation was very cool, and would love it if it was used more widely. (Apparently there’s a second season of HarmonQuest now, I just learned while writing this blog post? I might check it out.)

28th: Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for.
29th: Share a friendship you have because of RPGs.

I’m answering these two questions together, or rather I’m not answering them.

I know a lot of excellent roleplayers/gamers, and a lot of my good friendships these days are because of RPGs. I have so many cool relationships as a result of RPGs that any attempt to list them will inevitably leave some out, which I’m not interested in doing.

But, if I’ve ever played a roleplaying game with you, thank you.

30th: Share something you learned about playing your character.

When this prompt says “your character”, I wonder if it’s asking about characters you play in general or a specific character you’re thinking of. If the former, I think I mostly answered it on day 13 (Week Three) when talking about how my play has evolved.

On the other hand, if the prompt is fishing for information on specific characters, that’s a potentially long response because I have played a lot of characters and it’s not unusual to discover things about those characters through play (see, for example, my response on day 14, also from Week Three). There are even games for which discovering your character through play is part of the point: think Psi*Run or Heroes of the Hearth (which I reviewed a couple of years ago), both of which ask questions at character creation that will reveal depths to the characters when answered during play.

Um, anyway, here’s a handful of things:

  • When making a character, make sure they are interesting now, and don’t require changes or external forces to make them someone you actually want to play.
  • Connections with other player characters are more valuable than a cool, self-contained backstory.
  • If you want something for your character, e.g. a specific story arc, then be explicit and specific about your intentions. The GM and players can only help steer towards the stuff you want if they know that you want it.

There’s more, but that’ll do.

31st: Share why you take part in RPGaDay.

It’s an opportunity to be a bit more personal and open on the blog, but in a structured way. I also quite like those moments when, after I initially thought I didn’t have an answer to a specific question, the obvious answer suddenly occurs to me and I get something interesting to say after all.

That said, I am finding that some of my answers have not really evolved much since RPGaDay last year, which is making me wonder whether it’s something I’ll be so keen to do next year. At the very least, I’ll be tweaking the format again somehow. But that’s for another time. I’ve got 11 months of roleplaying ahead of me before I need to worry about that!

And before I go, I just want to point out that this is the 100th blog post on this site. Thanks for sticking with it! Onward to more adventure!

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