RPGaDay 2018, Weekend One: NPCs

RPGaDay 2018 infographic

RPGaDay is an annual celebration of tabletop roleplaying.

This year, RPGaDay is combining the prompts in specific weeks and specific weekends into themes. It’s a cool idea. This weekend, the prompts are themed around NPCs. Downside of this theming is that the two prompts for this weekend overlap a lot. Since I’m combining my responses into a single post anyway, I might as well combine the prompts into a single response too. Here goes!

Weekend One: NPCs

  1. Most Memorable NPC?
  2. Favourite recurring NPC?

4th: Most Memorable NPC?

5th: Favourite recurring NPC?

An NPC is more likely to be memorable if it’s recurring, and more likely to be favourite if it’s memorable. I’m not sure I can pick out a single NPC, but here are a few that occur to me, all played by different GMs:

  • Windsor, the Hill Giant I played in my Dungeon World campaign (who I mentioned in 10 things I learned running Dungeon World (part 1)), whose enduring presence in the campaign was important for setting the tone of the campaign.
  • Karim bin Calim, the father of two player characters (one of them played by me) in our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He was a gay tea house owner from Calimshan, now settled in Yartar. He used to be in a “band” (code for “adventuring party”) and was effusive in his love for his daughters.
  • Clem, the party’s sidekick and main provider of exposition in our first Unknown Armies campaign. A shy paraplegic, Clem set the plot of the campaign in motion by using magic to raise some zombies during Mardi Gras so he could live through them to hang out with people at his high school reunion, only to lose control and accidentally set them loose on New Orleans. The GM was initially pretty sure that Clem would die either in the first session or shortly thereafter, but he stayed alive (for the most part) throughout the entire two-year campaign, and was intrumental in the grand finale. He even made a cameo in the sequel campaign a couple of years later, which mainly focussed on all new characters in the new world that Clem had helped create.
  • G’Reth, prince of the House of Io, from our CAMELOT Trigger campaign. I orignally created G’Wayn and his family on this blog (here), and while the characters all ended up being different than my first draft, they were all very cool. I put on a heavy Scottish accent for my role as G’Wayn, and GM Michael Duxbury obligingly put on Scottish accents for every other member of G’Wayn’s family. And while I enjoyed the Sean Connery-inspired G’Rel, and the generically untrustworthy G’Vair, my favourite was the young fanboy G’Reth, who joined the Round Table towards the end of the campaign. For G’Reth, Michael’s accent was based on Pippin Took (Billy Boyd) from The Lord of the Rings (“It is in the ground!“) and I remember fondly from his interactions with another PC, Parzifal (“K’no?”), and for his tragically exuberant charge in the finale.

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