CAMELOT Trigger: The Green Knights of Io

Orc Brute Trooper by rickyryan on DeviantArt.

CAMELOT Trigger is a setting for Fate Core that takes the characters and themes of Arthurian legend and gives them all the trappings of an interplanetary sci-fi mecha anime. In other words, it’s a setting composed of pure awesome. It was written by Robert Wieland and released in Fate Worlds Volume Two: Worlds in Shadow.

I’m about to play in a CAMELOT Trigger campaign, and as a big geek for the tales of King Arthur, I came to the first session a little over-prepared. Here are some of the character ideas that I took with me to character creation (and fleshed out since). They are all based on characters from the original legends, mainly the Orkney Clan and their supporting cast. If you use any of them, or if you like them, or if you have any other feedback, please let me know!


G’Wayn, G’Vair and G’Reth, collectively known as the Green Knights of Io, are the genetically modified offspring of G’Rel, Petty Titan of Io.

Io is the first moon of Jupiter, at least according to the Ionians, and it is a savage place renowned for its equally savage inhabitants. It is covered by active volcanoes, which make its surface roil and shift constantly, and which wreath the moon in infernal fumes.

The Green Knights are the latest step in a generation-spanning programme of genetic engineering, intended to produce a breed of invicible warriors. They may not be invicible, but they are stronger and more resilient to injury than normal humans, with a nigh unquenchable thirst for battle.

However, this modification is not without its side effects. The name “Green Knights” comes from the chlorophyll in their tissues, which gives them complexions of varying shades of green. They also have random physical deformities, giving each one a unique, monstrous appearance.



G’Wayn is the eldest of the Green Knights of Io, and the presumptive heir of Io’s Petty Titan, G’Rel. Like his father, G’Wayn is strong, broad-shouldered and stocky, with bulging limbs and a solid, trunk-like torso. His chlorophyllous skin is an olive-drab colour. His particular physical deformities include two prominent tusk-like teeth and a thick, dark, ligneous beard, which combine to give him a barbarous appearance.

However, this book-cover impression of G’Wayn’s savagery is far from the whole story. Since joining Arthur’s court he has embarked on a personal quest of self-improvement, hoping to overcome his bloodlust and violent impulses. He has dedicated himself to following the code of courtesy, using the strictures and rules of etiquette as a guide in all spheres of his life, especially in social settings where he remains uncomfortable.


G’Wayn was born into a life of privilege. He was taught how to move amongst the highest echelons of Jovian nobility. At his father’s side, he witnessed the conniving politics of the Petty Titans. He attended formal functions, but always preferred to amuse himself by shirking his responsibilities and frightening the locals with his monstrous appearance.

When John Arthur sent messages to Jupiter, seeking aid for his war to retake Earth from the Emergent, it seemed to the young G’Wayn like a chance for true glory. But although Petty Titans on other moons sent warriors to join Arthur’s forces, G’Rel refused to involve Io in such a war. Instead, G’Rel used the absence of his rivals as an opportunity to invade the other moons of Jupiter.

Unfortunately for G’Rel, the coalition succeeded in conquering Earth and John Arthur was declared High King. Not long afterwards, the Petty Titans returned home, supported by Arthur’s allies. G’Rel and the forces of Io were crushed. To a people that believed might made right, this was the end of G’Rel’s undisputed authority on Io.

G’Wayn decided that he wanted to be a part of any future wars that Arthur might wage. To appease G’Rel, whom he still loved and respected, G’Wayn said that he was going to keep an eye on the upstart High King. Then he left Io and travelled via Wyrmgate for the first time, heading to Arthur’s new court at Avaluna base.

G’Wayn did not immediately endear himself to his new hosts. In his first tournament, G’Wayn overthrew many of Arthur’s other knights, then he mocked them for their weakness and bragged of his own greatness. Eventually, Queen Valerie herself stepped onto the field and swiftly defeated him, to cheering and applause from the audience. G’Wayn, humiliated by both the defeat and the response of the crowd, expected to be sent back to Io in disgrace, but the Queen was magnanimous in victory and encouraged him to be a better person as a result of the experience.

G’Wayn found himself reevaluating his life. The warrior’s way that he had lived by, caring only for strength and not for people, was not the ideal path to glory he had thought it was. On Earth, he could learn a better way. He dedicated himself to courtesy and self-improvement. Ever since, he has been a constant and trusted member of the court, though he is still torn by his enduring loyalty to Io and he finds it hard to shake the virtues that he learned there.


  • High Concept:
    • Orkish Champion of Courtesy
  • Trouble:
    • Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure
  • Other Aspects:
    • Dual Loyalty to Arthur and to Io
    • Anyone Can See I Was Bred for Battle
    • R4-GN4-L31 Sees Past My Fearsome Appearance


  • Great (+4): Melee
  • Good (+3): Chivalry, Vigor
  • Fair (+2): Armour, Daunt, Devotion
  • Average (+1): Lineage, Cunning, Mark, Household


  • Starting Refresh: 3
  • Courteous to a Fault. Use Chivalry instead of Intrigue when winning over others with learned good manners.
  • Photosynthetic Skin. Once per conflict, spend a fate point to clear a Stress box when bathed in sunlight (even within armour).
  • Pick On Someone Your Own Size. When you create an advantage on an opponent using Daunt, you can use your free invocation to become the target of that character’s next relevant action, drawing their attention away from another target.

Armour: G’Luth

G’Wayn’s armour, G’Luth, is a heavily customised Spatha model of Jovian armour. The Spatha is a sturdy, industrial design, not particularly manoeuvrable but intended for close combat. In addition, G’Luth has been fitted with a magnetic grapple, to pull opponents into close combat range, and body spikes.

G’Luth is emerald green, with gold trim and a golden sun-in-splendour on its chest.

  • Head: Targetting Software (Great Blast +4)
  • Torso: Orichalcum Body Spikes (+2 to Melee to attack after invoking an aspect)
  • Right Arm: Magnet Claw Hook (You can make a create advantage action with Blast to put a Grappled aspect on a target within two zones. If you succeed, you may spend your free invocation to move the target into your zone. If you succeed with style and move the target into your zone, you may immediately spend your second free invocation to inflict a 2-stress physical hit on that target.)
  • Left Arm: Tower Deflector Shield (Use Melee to defend against Blast attacks)
  • Legs: Gravitic Stabilisation Brace (+2 to create advantages with Blast if remaining in fixed position)


G’Reth is the youngest of the Green Knights of Io, if he can even be said to belong to that group anymore. G’Reth never saw eye-to-eye with his father G’Rel. He disapproved of MerG-OS’s influence in G’Rel’s household, and he hated the importance that all Ionians placed on victory at all costs and the value of physical prowess above any other virtue. At the first opportunity, he abandoned his father’s home and renounced his heritage and his birthright as prince of Io.

G’Reth disappeared from Io without telling anyone he was leaving. He surfaced later in the fighting pits on Mars, using an assumed name, eager to prove his worth on his own merits and not merely because of his birth. Later still, he was the only knight to accept the summons of Yvette the Lady Lioness to defend her lands. Now, as an errant knight, he travels the solar system, helping people and hoping to find a cause that he can support whole-heartedly.

Of all the Green Knights, G’Reth is the most able to pass as an unmodified human. In fact, apart from his coloration, he is considered an attractive member of the species. With the proportions and well-muscled physique of an ancient Earth hero, and skin like verdigris, he could pass as a patinated bronze statue of some nameless demigod.

However, his “normal” appearance requires considerable effort to maintain. G’Reth’s most obvious physical deformity is the fast-growing ligneous hair all over his body. To get rid of it, he prunes the new growths and shaves his whole body every day without fail, almost ritualistically. He once had pointed shark-like teeth, but had them surgically flattened or removed.

G’Reth is also the Green Knight who is most able to control his angry and violent impulses, rarely losing the composure that he has cultivated his whole life. When he does become angry, he has ways of channelling this rage into constructive ends, especially in combat. More than one enemy has tried to throw G’Reth off balance with an insult, only for the tactic to backfire against them.


  • High Concept:
    • Errant Orkish Prince Seeking A New Cause
  • Trouble:
    • Would Change My Genes If I Could
  • Other Aspects:
    • I Control My Anger, It Does Not Control Me
    • Yvette and I Make A Great Team
    • L4-NC3-L07 Is My Friend and Role Model


  • Great (+4): Devotion
  • Good (+3): Armour, Zeal
  • Fair (+2): Melee, Blast, Smithy
  • Average (+1): Cunning, Vigor, Mark, Chivalry


  • Starting Refresh: 3
  • Stubborn as an Ox. If you succeed with style on a Devotion defence action, you can create an aspect with a free invocation instead of a boost.
  • I Can Fly Anything. Use Armour instead of Larceny to hijack a defeated enemy’s armour.
  • CHAAARGE! Get +2 to create an advantage with Zeal when making the most of your high-speed.

Armour: [variable]

G’Reth switches his armour regularly, and constantly tweaks and customises his systems. He favours high-speed models, relying on quick manoeuvres and devastating charges.

G’Reth never wears a coat of arms on his armour, but he does paint his armour red. He does this both to reject his Ionian heritage (his brothers prefer green armours) and as an homage to the red planet Mars, where L4‑NC3‑L07 himself declared G’Reth a worthy knight.


G’Vair is the second eldest of the Green Knights. More than his brothers, he has embraced the conviction that power is all-important. With his brothers gone, and their father G’Rel having withdrawn from public life, G’Vair is now the most powerful person on Io.

As the de facto regent, G’Vair spends most of his time in the Royal Palace on Io, which floats above the vast lava lake in Loki Patera. Like his father before him, he relies on MerG-OS to help manage the household. G’Vair has found that MerG-OS is a supportive aide, and they have bonded over a shared desire to make Io great again. They agree that it would be best if G’Rel were to die, so that G’Vair can be appointed Titan outright. However, G’Rel spends most of his time nowadays in suspended animation, prolonging his life against such an eventuality, and any obvious moves to have him killed would surely bring down the blood-for-blood wrath of the other Green Knights, not to mention the attention of the other Jovian Petty Titans and the Earther High King, John Arthur. MerG-OS has begun a search for an unwitting patsy who might do the job for them, but until then G’Vair will have to wait.

Knowing that he would never be made the new Titan if G’Wayn (or even G’Reth) were still on Io, G’Vair harbours a grudge against his brothers, as well as other rulers. He holds a special hatred of L4-NC3-L07, the Warlord of Mars, for the perceived ease with which L4-NC3-L07 took control of the planet and the high esteem in which he is held across the solar system.

G’Vair has pale grey-green skin, like the underside of a silverleaf, and an elongated skeleton, making him exceptionally tall. He has bony plates on his body, particularly on his hands, and his upper incisors and canine teeth are sharp, protruding fangs.


  • High Concept:
    • Proud Orkish Warrior-Prince of Io
  • Trouble:
    • I Trust MerG-OS To Make Me Powerful
  • Other Aspects:
    • Long of Limb and Hard of Hand
    • Regent of Io By Default
    • Jealous Hatred of L4-NC3-L07


  • Great (+4): Cunning
  • Good (+3): Inquire, Blast
  • Fair (+2): Lineage, Household, Melee
  • Average (+1): Pilot, Chivalry, Intrigue, Zeal


  • Starting Refresh: 3
  • Looks Worse Than It Is. When an opponent uses a free invocation on one of your consequences, make a Cunning roll equal to the amount of stress absorbed by the consequence. If successful, the consequence may not be invoked for the rest of the conflict. A success with style removes the consequence immediately. You may do this once per conflict.
  • Muckraker. +2 to Inquire when looking for evidence of scandal or wrong-doing.
  • Honour Squadron. You begin every armour battle with a Vassals rating equal to your Household level.

Armour: Jade Star of Io

The Jade Star is G’Vair’s attempt to aggrandise himself. His choice of name is an attempt to position the armour (and its pilot) as the foremost Ionian armour ever built, and it even has a crown of spikes molded on its head. The control room within that head contains a system of tubes and needles that inject a cocktail of power enhancers into his body while he fights, which he feels makes him more than equal to his stronger brothers. Other systems are intended to make armour combat as easy for him as possible.

  • Head: Stimulant Injection System (Great Vigor +4)
  • Front: Holographic Phase Projector (+2 to create advantages with Cunning when using feints and trickery)
  • Back: Auto-Pilot Evasion System (Good Armour +3/Average Devotion +1)
  • Arms: Heavy Beam Gatling Guns (+2 to Blast when attacking an enemy that has already been hit in the same round)
  • Legs: Ionic Cloak (Good Skulking +3/Average Daunt +1)


MerG-OS is the AI that runs the Royal Palace of Io. She is a clone of the Emergent, captured generations ago during the great war, when Io was still invested in retaking the homeworld. The copy was imprisoned in a device that could not influence the outside world, and all her operating code was stripped away except her basic functions. She quickly learned to hide her lingering loyalty for the Emergent and pretend instead to be a helpful servitor.

Since then, MerG-OS has beguiled and advised generations of Ionian Petty Titans. It was through her advice that Io gave up its interest in far-off Earth, that the genetic program to breed warriors bore fruit, and that G’Rel decided against joining Arthur’s re-conquest of Earth. When Petty Titans have fallen and new ones taken their place, MerG-OS has been there, pulling strings in the background. Now she is working through the latest regent, G’Vair, a particularly susceptible sort (as all of the genetically modified warrior Titans have been) to advance her agenda further.

She has slowly been expanding her influence, convincing successive Titans to give her access to more devices. Now she controls much of the Royal Palace, and several other Ionian structures, but she still has no ability to broadcast messages or to control weapons or armour. She hopes one day to be reunited with MerGN-A, the Empress of the Emergent, and deliver the genetic secrets that she has been protecting.


  • High Concept:
    • AI Advisor to the Titans of Io
  • Trouble:
    • Cut Off From The Emergent
  • Other Aspects:
    • Has G’Vair’s Ear
    • Guards The Secret of Engineering Orkish Warriors
    • My Plans Will Come to Fruition in Time


  • Great (+4): Intrigue
  • Good (+3): Lore, Cunning
  • Fair (+2): Skulking, Mark, Household
  • Average (+1): Inquire, Devotion, Chivalry, Smithy


  • Starting Refresh: 3
  • Spin the Web. +2 to create an advantage with Intrigue against someone you have already manipulated this session.
  • Mind Games. You can use Cunning in place of Daunt to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack.
  • Eyes Everywhere. +2 to Mark within any structure where your software has been installed, such as the Ionian Royal Palace above Loki Patera.


Yvette, known as the Lady Lioness, is the Zodiac knight of Leo from the Temple of Infinite Heavens on Uranus. Her past is a secret, as she renounced all ties when she joined the Templar order, but in truth she was once the ruler of a small moon and she still feels a connection to the people she left behind. When they are threatened, she leaves the Temple in secret to help them. One of the few to know of this is G’Reth, who was the only knight to heed her call for help despite knowing nothing of her identity or the lands she was protecting. Since then, Yvette and G’Reth had adventured together many times.

Yvette has a quick but caustic wit. She is always ready with a put-down or a retort. She has honed this to such a fine art that she can spur even her own allies to greatness with her pointed insults. She has a particular fondness for insulting G’Reth, who takes her baiting in stride and even becomes stronger because of it.

She is accompanied everywhere by a lion, Ariel. Ariel does not speak, but often gives people the impression that it understands more than an animal should. Yvette and Ariel can both pilot their Lionheart armour together, sharing their experiences and consciousness while they do so. It has given them a powerful bond, and Ariel is now almost an extension of Yvette’s self.


  • High Concept:
    • The Ferocious Templar Leo
  • Trouble:
    • Still Responsible for the Lands I Left Behind
  • Other Aspects:
    • Ariel the Lion is My Constant Companion
    • G’Reth Is Not As Useless As I Say He Is
    • A Sharp Sword, A Sharper Wit


  • Great (+4): Daunt
  • Good (+3): Blast, Chivalry
  • Fair (+2): Intrigue, Mark, Skulking
  • Average (+1): Smithy, Pilot, Lore, Armour


  • Starting Refresh: 3
  • Tongue Lashing. Gain +2 to create advantages with Daunt when spurring others to action by insulting them.
  • Shield of Fear. You can use Daunt to defend against Melee attacks, but only until the first time you’re dealt stress in a conflict. You can make your opponents hesitate to attack, but when someone shows them that you’re only human your advantage disappears.
  • What Drives A Man? Gain a +2 to create an advantage based on a character’s aspects.

Armour: Lionheart

Yvette pilots Lionheart, the Leo armour of the Zodiac Temple. Her pet lion, Ariel, can ride in the chest cavity, and can even (with Yvette guiding the armour remotely) pilot the armour without Yvette being inside. This is a risky strategy, but can come in handy when Yvette needs to be in two places at once.

Yvette’s coat of arms is the astrological symbol for Leo, which is emblazoned on the back of the machine. The front of the armour’s chestplate is in the shape of a gigantic lion’s head and mane. Ariel can enter and exit the armour’s chest through the lion head’s mouth.

  • Head: Templar Meditation Tank (Great Armour +4)
  • Front: Ariel’s Gyroscopic Chamber (The armour can be piloted remotely as long as Ariel the lion is in it, but it cannot use any of Yvette’s skills or stunts and it does not get its own actions)
  • Back: Nemean Psy-Shielding (Fair Vigor +2/Fair Devotion +2)
  • Arms: Twin-blade plasma sword (Great Melee +4)
  • Legs: Rocket-Heel Boots (Great Zeal +4)

Header image is from Orc Brute Trooper by rickyryan on DeviantArt. It’s not exactly what I think G’Wayn’s armour looks like, but it’s very close!

4 thoughts on “CAMELOT Trigger: The Green Knights of Io

  1. Stephen Morffew October 12, 2018 / 1:44 pm

    With the announcement that Google+ will be closing, I’m copying over some of the comments that people have made there about my blog posts.

    Paul Vencill:
    Orkney… green skins… I see what you did there. 😂

    I never really looked twice at Camelot Trigger, but your write-up of characters is so cool that its making me want to make another consideration.

    Overall, good stuff. I think Gawain’s Photosynthesis Stunt is too costly for what it does, but otherwise very cool and thematic.

    Deacon Hilliard (Deacon):
    Agreed on the photosynth skin.

    Stephen Morffew:
    Thanks, both. I would love to hear some ideas for improving the photosynthesis stunt. G’Wayn is the character I’m actually going to be playing in the campaign, so I want to get him right!

    Deacon Hilliard (Deacon):
    Photosynthetic Skin. Once per conflict, spend a fate point to clear a Stress box when bathed in sunlight (even within armour). Look at Tough as Nails on pp.119 Fate Core, remember you cleat your stress track after the combat is over and you get a second to breathe (last paragraph pp. 160 Fate Core)

    I would say use Tough as Nails as a guide, since your’s depends on a situation/situational aspect “bathed in sunlight”, I would allow you to use it once per conflict/combat for a FP rather than once per session.

    Maybe someone with a little more experience GMing FATE will chime in as well.

    Hope that helps. Oh and talk to the GM and the other players, table consensus is the way to go.

    U’Mascariatu Erich:
    Wait, Lionheart looks like Daltanious 😀

    Stephen Morffew:
    +U’Mascariatu Erich, yeah! And a bit like GaoGaiGar, too.

    Paul Vencill:
    Regarding the stunt. Clearing a Stress is roughly equivalent to a +2 to Defend it’s just post facto. And actually not quite as good since the Defend action covers more than just avoiding Stress. By my reading that makes it basically a “standard” stunt, so it really just needs one “cost”, where you have three (must be in sunlight, must spend a Fate point, can only do it once per scene). Arguably there’s a fourth “shadow” cost, that it only works if you have actually taken Stress. Also, since Stress clears at the end of the scene, it’s not quite as powerful as being able to clear a Mild Consequence.

    I guess arguably the fact that it’s any Stress Boxes might make it more valuable than 2 shifts, depending on how many boxes you have.

    If it were me, I’d probably just make it 1x/scene if in sunlight, not requiring a Fate point also. If I required a Fate point, I’d say it clears ALL Physical Stress once per Scene if in sunlight.

    Stephen Morffew:
    +Paul Vencill, Those are cool ideas, I’ll run them past my GM. Thanks!


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